Roser et al. – 2005 – CausePath Estimating Method

Roser et al. - 2005 - CausePath Estimating Method

To provide a system configured by arranging a plurality of machines to process parts according to a preliminarily decided flow in order to generate the flow of parts from the upstream side to the downstream side for estimating cause elements to generate a cause to put each machine into an idle status and a cause path where the factor affects each machine. ; SOLUTION: A machine Mi in an idle status in a production system is specified based on data showing the secular status change of each of the configuring elements of the production system, and another machine S, A and B is traced in the forward direction or backward direction of the flow of parts on the production system for the machine Mi. Thus, it is possible to estimate a cause element being another machine to generate the idle status of the machine Mi and a cause path being a path from the cause element to the machine Mi without depending on simulation to time-sequentially simulate the behavior of the production system.