The Evolution of Automotive Assembly Line—Part 2

Automotive Assembly Moving PlatformIn my previous post on the automotive assembly line I showed how the earliest chain-driven assembly lines evolved to modern moving platforms. However, in automotive assembly, you also need to work underneath the car. While I have seen truck assembly lines where the entire undercarriage is flipped on its back, in automotive, this is usually done while the car is hanging. Let’s have a look how this is done, and then I’ll wrap up this post with the last bit of the assembly line where the car stands on its own wheels.

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The Evolution of Automotive Assembly Line—Part 1

Hyundai moving walkable platform assembly lineAutomotive assembly is one of the pinnacles of modern manufacturing, having a very complex product of 30 000 parts as well as mass production in large quantities. The modern automotive moving assembly line is hence one of the most complex manufacturing operations in the world. In this two-post series I will look at how this changed over time, and the different ways there are to move cars along the assembly line.

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