First Place RibbonIt seems is spreading, and I have received a few awards and top rankings. Here are the lists and prizes that I know of.

Additionally, many other bloggers translated my posts into other languages like Czech, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic. For me, this is also a compliment! (Still, if you want to translate, please ask me for permission beforehand).

BTOES Insights: Top 10 (Top 1) Operational Excellence Blog

The people from BTOES Insights made a survey among their readers for the best blogs on operational excellence. Out of over 100 blogs made it not only into their lists of Top 10 OpEx Blogs, but they told me that my blog was the Number 1 Blog according to the preference of their readers 🙂 ! Many thanks to BTOES insight for the honors!

Curious Cat: Top 3 out of 48 Management Blogs

The highly influential blog and website Curious Cat by John Hunter maintains a list of Curious Cat Top Management Improvement Blogs. This ranking is based on different metrics like MOZ page authority and page rank, traffic rank, number of subscribers, and so on. I am immensely thrilled that ranks number 3 out of 48 on  this list, right after such long established and respected blogs like the Curious Cat, the Deming Institute Blog, and Mark Graban’s Lean Blog. Many thanks to John for the compliments 🙂 . Please note that the ranking is frequently updated.