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150 Years after the Birth of Albert Kahn

Albert Kahn PortraitAlbert Kahn (1869–1942) is an often unknown but very influential figure in the history of manufacturing. An architect by trade, he revolutionized industrial architecture, and is often nicknamed the “Architect of Detroit.” Most modern factories have a design that goes back to his innovations. Since he was born exactly 150 years ago on March 21, 1869, it is a good time to look at his achievements. Continue reading 150 Years after the Birth of Albert Kahn

25 Years after W. Edwards Deming


W. Edwards DemingTwenty-five years ago today, William Edwards Deming (October 14, 1900 – December 20, 1993) passed away. He greatly influenced the management of quality in Japan, where he is still revered as one of the great gurus in manufacturing. Through his influence on Toyota, his ideas are now common in the lean world. Time to look back at his life. Continue reading 25 Years after W. Edwards Deming

Happy 5th Birthday AllAboutLean.com

Wow, it is now five years already and 265 posts since I started this blog! I am amazed (a bit) that I managed to publish one blog post with at least 1,000 words every week. I am also among the top 400,000 websites in the United States and the world! Thanks to all for your interest in my work! Time to celebrate (again). Continue reading Happy 5th Birthday AllAboutLean.com

Happy 3rd Birthday AllAboutLean.com

3rd BirthdayYayyy! AllAboutLean.com is now 3 years old! Three years ago on September 1, 2013, I became a professor and wrote the first post on my blog. Now, 163 blog posts and one book later, I am still enjoying it immensely!

I feel that after three years of weekly (longer) postings, I am now no longer a newbie but a part of the established crowd. Thanks to all my readers for reading 🙂 , and time to look back at the last year! Continue reading Happy 3rd Birthday AllAboutLean.com

Happy 2nd Birthday AllAboutLean.com

2nd Birthday
Happy 2nd Birthday!

Today, AllAboutLean.com turns two years old! Exactly two years ago, on my first day as a professor, I started blogging about my favorite topic: lean manufacturing and its history. It’s been a great time so far! I have learned tons of new things about lean, have had many good interactions with my readers, and have enjoyed writing this blog immensely. Thank you all for the interest in my writing. I hope it helped you organize whatever processes create value for your company and hence also for you! Time for another look back: Continue reading Happy 2nd Birthday AllAboutLean.com

Happy 1st Birthday AllAboutLean.com

Happy 1st Birthday
Happy 1st Birthday

AllAboutLean.com is one year old. Exactly twelve months ago I started this blog on September 1st with my first post, New Professor, New Blog. Since then I have published fifty-six posts. Time to have a look back. What were the most popular posts? How did visits to my blog develop? What is the outlook for the future? And what is there already in the pipeline that will appear soon on AllAboutLean.com? Continue reading Happy 1st Birthday AllAboutLean.com