Lean Shop Floor Checklist – Top 4 KPI to Watch in the Factory

Lean Shop Floor Visit Checklist
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Due to popular demand related to my two posts on “Make Your Plant Tour a Success!” and “How to Misguide Your Visitor – or What Not to Pay Attention to During a Plant Visit!,” I have created a  checklist for a lean visit to a manufacturing shop floor for you to download. Take this checklist with easy-to-use metrics during your shop floor visit to make yourself independent of potentially misleading data given to you by the shop floor staff. Metrics include worker utilization, machine utilization, inventory reach and turnaround, and order & cleanliness.

You can Download the Lean Shop Floor Visit Checklist here.

The checklist has the most important metrics related to efficient plant operations that can be observed quickly and without much effort. This checklist is based on the posts:

If you have not yet done so, read these two posts beforehand.  I especially recommend the latter post on how plant managers try to hide the flaws of their plants so you’ll be better able to see through the ruse.

Feel free to use this checklist while visiting a shop floor. If you have any feedback or ideas for improvement, please do not hesitate to contact me.

And again, if you missed the link above: You can Download the Lean Shop Floor Visit Checklist here.

2 thoughts on “Lean Shop Floor Checklist – Top 4 KPI to Watch in the Factory”

  1. Sadly the first ‘check’ is “Worker Efficiency” – have you completely forgotten Toyota and “respect for People” prior of course Dr JM Juran’s “Pareto Principle” and the “80:20 Rule” and Dr Deming’s later in 1978 “85:15” where the System is the major course of inefficiency. This Checklist goes back to Taylorism days. Just so sad to see in 2023 and worse no one else said anything?

  2. How efficient workers are doing their work is important. But-as I said in many other posts-it is usually not the workers fault if they are inefficient. With this KPI you are basically measuring how well the system is set up and managed.

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